Permanent Fencing


Permanent security fencing is a must not only for any business wishing to protect their premises and contents from the threat of thieves and vandals, but also for any area posing a risk to the general public such as railways, electricity sub stations, reservoirs and motorways. SafeSite are a leading UK supplier of security fencing; whether you are looking for security fencing hire or to install permanent metal fencing, we can provide a total security solution.

A security fence is a necessity around schools and colleges to protect students from any external threat during the day, and protect the educational buildings by night. Security fencing panels can be erected in combination with security fencing gates for either vehicular or pedestrian access to control all entry and exit points.

Metal fencing is a popular choice for many businesses situated on business parks and industrial estates which can often become a target for thieves at nightfall when the site becomes deserted. Metal security fencing can be constructed in a range of sizes with anti climb devices, designed to deter even the most determined criminal.

Building site security fencing is becoming more and more common particularly on larger construction sites, both to protect the public from potential hazards and to protect expensive tools and materials from thieves.

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